Basic configuration in SAP FI to create GL accounts

By Lokesh Mohanasundaram, Wipro Tech


The paper gives the complete configuration required to create GL-account in SAP-FI, Right from the definition of Company to creation of GL-account in the company code and chart of accounts with screen shots and explanation of the entire process to make the Reader have a clear understanding of the configuration. The process of creating an Enterprise structure begins with the definition of Company. The various organizational units in a business are defined individually and they are assigned to each other in a hierarchical way which forms the whole Enterprise Structure in an ERP system.

A Company:

It is said to be an organization or a corporate group which has one or many Company code under it. The screen shots below will give the detailed step to define Company in SAP system. Most of the configuration relating to SAP is done in SPRO (SAP Project Reference Object); follow the navigation shown in the picture to Define Company in SAP,



The definition of the company is shown above; The Company is represented using a Four Digit numerical character (it can also be alphanumerical) 4623 with the name Lokesh Group of Industries. 

Company Code:

It is said to be the representation of an independent balancing or legal accounting entity within the Corporate Group which can create its own financial statements; there can be ‘n’ number of company code within a corporate group.


Choose Second option to create New Company Code and First option to Copy and create new company with all the data from an existing Company Code.

Creation of Company Code 1000:


Company Code 1000 is created.

Creation of Company Code 2000:


Once the Creation of Company code is done they are to be assigned to the Company in SAP to achieve the Enterprise Structure.

                                            Company 4623- Lokesh Group of Industries

Company Code 1000- Lokesh Iron & Steel

Company Code 2000- Lokesh Paper Mills

The tabular column describes that the Company Code 1000 & 2000 are contained in the Company 4623. The above screen shot explains the creation of the Company Code in SAP system. To achieve this assignment of Company Code to Company the following steps are to be done

Assign Company Code to Company:

The Screen shot explains the assignment of the CC 1000 & 2000 to Company 4623. Thus a basic Organizational Structure is achieved in the Enterprise structure. Now the Financial accounting Global setting is explained below with configuration steps and screen shots.

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