Enhance SPRO to add customized views


Now we can see the ZALU as enhancement ID Original List:

Double click ‘ZALU’  or set the cursor on ‘ZLAU’ Click on Continue.  

“ZALU” ‘ALU Enhancement ID’ gets filled at Enhancement ID.  

Now click on button Enhance Structure on the application bar.

Change IMG screen is displayed.


As we have selected IMG structure as SALES, we get all the sub nodes under sales.  

Now we are going to add a node as a sub node Under Sales:

Here 4 application bar buttons:


The above two buttons describes at which level (Parent node or Child node) to add the node.  

We are going to add ‘ALU Individual Customizing’ as Sub node to Sales,

So set the cursor on Sales and click on 


Pop up comes with asking for Node text: ‘Node text is given as  ‘ALU Individual Customizing’  


Click Continue.

Now the structure displayed like below:

Click here to continue...

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