Absence Quota Generation (HCM)

By Naveen Bhukta, TATA Consultancy Services

This document explains the various steps involved in configuration of IT0007 and also there by how to generate Absence quota using the standard program RPTQTA00.  

IT0007 Configuration Steps

SPRO Path  


Public Holiday Class  


SAP Calendar: Main Menu 

Create Public Holidays

Public Holiday Calendar 

Personnel Subarea Grouping for Work Schedules  

A personnel subarea grouping for work schedules is a grouping of personnel subareas with the same work schedule rules.

The personnel subarea grouping for work schedules, the Holiday ID and the Employee subgroup grouping for work schedules form a key for the work schedule rule.

This allows you to define different organizational groups for work schedules within the same public holiday calendar, for example.


Group Personnel Subareas for the Daily Work Schedule

In this step, you assign a personnel area grouping for daily work schedules to a personnel area grouping for work schedules.


Employees in personnel areas 0001 and 0002 have been assigned to personnel subarea grouping for work schedules 01. Employees in personnel area 0003 have been assigned to grouping 02. All three personnel areas are to use the same daily work schedules. You therefore assign personnel subarea grouping for daily work schedules 01 to personnel subarea groupings for work schedules 01 and 02.


Define Break Schedules


Previous Day Indicator

The previous day indicator in Time Management indicates that the record should be assigned to the previous day. It is relevant mainly to daily work schedules which bridge two calendar days (e.g. 22:00 - 06:00).  


You only use the previous day indicator if you record time data with clock times. The daily work schedule assigned to the employee always applies to the day on which the start time lies in this case.

The information provided by the previous day indicator is therefore of central importance. There is no other way for the system to assign a record which has a start time a day later than the start time in the personal work schedule to the correct daily work schedule.

Planned working time 22:00 - 06:00
Record entered 02:00 - 05:00 -> previous day indicator
is set


The daily work schedule NIGHT 2 comprises a planned working time of 22:00 through 06:00. An employee works the night from December 14 to December 15, and works a substitution for his/her foreman from 02:00 through 04:00.

The previous day indicator was not set when the substitution was recorded. The substitution is therefore assigned to December 15 instead of December 14. This can lead to the following problems, for example:

Collisions with substitutions on the following day.

The substitution not being taken into account in payroll, as the following day is a Saturday and the employee does not have to work on Saturdays.  

Define Rules for Variants  

In this step, you can define rules for daily work schedules. The rules allow you to stipulate that a variant of the daily work schedule should apply on certain days. Taking the following parameters into account, you can set up rules for daily work schedule variants:

The public holiday class of the current day

The public holiday class of the next day



A number of employees in your enterprise work Monday through Thursday from 8 a.m. to 4.45 p.m., and from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Fridays. The daily work schedule for Fridays is derived using the daily work schedule selection rule 01 with variant A  

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