Step-by-Step procedure to maintain Dynamic actions (HCM)

By Piyush Mathur, Tata Consultancy Services

Dynamic Action feature is provided in SAP HR to call another Infotype while processing one Infotype.

Here, you control the initiation of actions when maintaining an Infotype record. For each action, you can determine whether it is always carried out when
you change an Infotype or a subtype or whether it is only carried out if you change certain fields.
You can state whether the action is to be carried out for "Change", "Create" and/or "Delete" record. You can store the conditions for executing the action, for example, the comparison of the old and new value of a field. Finally, you can also specify default values for a record that is to be created.

View V_T588Z is the maintenance table to maintain Dynamic Actions.  

Let understand the views field for V_T588Z.  

Execute the T code SM31 and open V_T588Z for maintain.  

A new popup will come for Infotype. Pass the Infotype for which you want to maintain the Dynamic Action. I am taking example for a custom Infotype 9800.  

Press Enter.  

Now maintenance screen will open for view V_T588Z. Click on New Entries.  

Field contains below 6 columns.  

Sty: This column is to maintain Dynamic Action for Specific Subtype. If user need to execute the Dynamic Actions based on specific Subtype then this column need to be filled else it can be blank.  

Field Name: Column to specify field name, if require to process Dynamic Actions.  

Function Character of step: This column is important part of Dynamic Actions. It’s specified on which action (Create/Change/Delete), dynamic action need to be called.  

This column required to fill with two digit of below numbers as per the requirements.  

00 -  An action is carried out irrespective of whether specified Infotype was         created/Changed/deleted.

02 – For Change

04 – For Create

06 – For Change and Create

08 – For Delete

10 – For Change and Delete

12 – For Create and Delete  

Sequence Number: To determine the sequence of each step  

Indicator of Step: Below are the available indicators.  

P - Check conditions

I - Maintain infotype record

W - Set default values when creating a new record

V - Reference to another step

F - Call routine

M - Send mail  

Variable Function part: Another important column which contains the steps and definition on the based of previous column ‘Indicator of Step’.  

If maintained Indicator of Step Column as ‘P’ Plausibility checks  

Here you can enter values for infotype field to check the condition before proceeding the next step. Infotype field values are available in PSAVE structure.  

For example to check the Employee Status maintained as below:  

Infotype         Field .....                     Ind.                  Variable function part

0007               STAT3                         P                       P0007-STAT3='0'  

If maintained Indicator of Step Column as ‘I’ Maintain Infotype record  

To create/Change/Delete another infotype ,Enter the step, infotype, subtype, object ID, start and end dates of the record and an indicator which defines whether the step is to be run in the background.

Separate the indicator for suppressing dialog from other entries by a slash D (/D).

9800....           INS,6,,,(P9800-BEGDA),(P9800-ENDDA)


Step: Create a Infotype record (0006) without subtype and object ID. The start and end dates are the same as those in the current Infotype (9800); specify these two fields only if they are filled because the dynamic action was triggered by this Infotype.  

If maintained Indicator of Step Column as ‘W’ Default values for new record  

This step used to default the variable values for new Infotype.

Set the defaults for the Infotype, subtype, object ID, start and end dates using an ‘I’ step and not a ‘W’ step.

Do not set defaults for Q fields of an Infotype because the values for these fields are derived from the corresponding P fields.


Infotype                Subtype .....           FC             Ind.           Variable function part

0021                                                  04                 I               INS,0015,M430

0021                            2                      04              W             P0015-BETRG='10000'  

When a Family/Related Person record (0021) record with subtype 2 (child) is created, an Additional Payments record (0015) with a default amount of 100.00 is created.  

If maintained Indicator of Step Column as ‘V’ Cross-reference to another step  

Here, you can combine fields to groups. The variable function part contains the value in the field which follows the "field" column. Steps which are specified only for the following field are also triggered for each of the other fields.


Infotype                      Field                       FC           Ind.       Variable function part

0016                          PRBZH                    06             V         PRBZT

0016                          PRBZT                    06             I           DEL,0019,01/D  

Infotype 0019, subtype 01 is deleted in the background when the field PRBZT or PRBZH in infotype 0016 is changed or created (function code 06).  

If maintained Indicator of Step Column as ‘F’ Call a routine.  

Sometimes user wants to do some complex validations before processing the Dynamic action which can not be easily maintained in V_T588Z. IN that case, developer can developed a ABAP programs in a routine and called the routine in Dynamic Actions.  

Below is the syntax to call the routine,

Infotyp .....                     Ind.                   Var.                  function part

0001                                                                          GET_DATE(ZPUDYN01)

GET_Date is the routine name in ABAP program ZPUDYN01.  

M - Send a mail

Enter the name of the feature which defines the characteristics of the mail.


Infotype                         Field .....           Ind.                   Var.                  function part

0001                             SACHP                                                         M0001

A mail is sent when the field SACHP is changed. The characteristics of the mail are defined in feature M0001  

For more information on same please refer SAP F1 help.  

Now let maintained the records in V_T588Z.  

Let’s take a scenario, Whenever user Create or Change Infotype 9800, Infotype 6 need to be created. So Maintain entries in V_T588Z as below.  

Now create a new record for IT9800. 

Now as you press save, dynamic action will be triggered and a new window will open to maintained Infotype 0006.  

You cab restrict the Infotype creation on the basis of Subtype and you also suppress the dialog i.e. you can create the new Infotype in background by specifying /D.

For example


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