Training and Event Management


System automatically generates the number for every event.

In the Organizers node à Click on Create Company


Note: System automatically generates the number sequentially. Just give the start date and click on create.

For Location it has generated the number 50041422

For Company it has generated as 50041423 as shown below.  


Here give the abbreviation/name and save it.


Click on Create Business Event Group  


Click on create.

Give the abbreviation/name and description about the purpose of the business event group. Save it.  


In the Relation ships tab.

In the Belong to line call the SAP SKILLS the one which has been created earlier and save it.

Now Go to Create Business Event Type.  



System asks for the different delivery methods as shown below select the one which you want as per your requirement. In this scenario select the classroom training.


In the Main schedule model call the Schedule which we created in Time Schedule.

In the Capacity give the Minimum, Optimum and Maximum Capacity.

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