Matrix Structure in SAP HCM

By Sravanthi

Requirement: To implement the functional areas into respective departments in the Org unit.  

Matrix Structure for functional areas: SAP, Oracle and Mainframe with organization for the org units HR department, Finance Department, IT department and Procurement Dept.  

Matrix Structure is set up by using the concepts of objects, relationships and Evaluation path.  

Ø  Objects: O (Organizational Unit), S (Position), P (Person), R Resource type, T Task.

Ø  Relationships such as A: bottom up or B: top down

Ø  Evaluation Paths such as O-O, ORGEH, O-S-P.  

1) Path:

Human Resources à Organizational Management à Organizational Plan à Organization and Staffing à PPOCE Create.  

2) Transaction Code as: PPOCE.  

In this we create the Org units and departments.  

Date can be entered as per requirement.  


Create the Organization units as shown below. In the below example I just took HCL Pvt ltd as the organization unit and under that create four departments HR, Finance, IT and Procurement Departments.



Now go to SPROà SAP Reference IMG à Personnel Management à Organization Assignment à Basic Settings à Data Model Enhancement à Main Object Types.  


Click on New Entries and give the desired object name.


Maintain info types for the object type which has been created earlier.  

Ø  Create the object.

Ø  Create the relationship.  

The standard object and the relationship need to be created for the object type.  


Here we relate the object name to the standard object (info type 1000) and relationship (info type 1001) as shown below.





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