Matrix Structure in SAP HCM






Change time constraint 2 to 3. Initial it has been set as 2 by default.  




Select the Object Info type and Click on create and give the Object name: Oracle

Repeat the same for the SAP as well Mainframe.  

Note: While creating the new object see to that the object id field need be empty for new object name.  


Select the relationships and click on create. As per the requirement Oracle need to implement in HR dept, IT dept and Procurement Dept.  

In the ID of related object give the respective departments (HR Dept, IT Dept and Procurement Dept)


Go to Matrix Organization à Define Matrix Types.



Matrix Type: This field is used to denote a name for the matrix.  

The Matrix structure consists of two dimensions 1 and 2.  

Dimension 1 forms the rows in the output of the matrix structure.  

Dimension 2 forms the columns in the output of the matrix structure.  

Object Type which has to be shown in rows.  

Evaluation Path is used to select the evaluation path using which the objects are retired from Organization plan.  

Relationship is used to procure the related objects.  

For the Organization Plan

Select the object ID: Select the departments  

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