'Change validation' in PU12


If a field is only to be exported once, such as the start and end dates, then this field is made a 'key field'. To accomplish this, select the field and choose the key field button.

If an infotype may have a delimit date, for example IT0014, then the export file will pick up on this change if the 'delimit flag' has been set for this field. To do this, select the relevant field and select the delimit button.  

The start and end date of the infotype must be key fields for this functionality to work.

If one field is rleated to other field of  same infotype or some other infotype we can relate the fields using  ''Relations'' option .

Suppose , IT0041-DAR01 and DAT01 are related so we can related these fields like below .

Place the cursor on DAR01 and click on relations and select DAT01  from the fields shown in the popup.




Click on icon   to see the relation between fields.

Above screen shot shows relation between fields DAR01  and DAT01. Whenever we have a change in the value of DAR01 ,DAT01 field value also will be moved to PU12 export file.

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