Creating custom payroll function

By Piyush Mathur, Tata Consultancy Services

This document contains step by step procedure to create custom payroll functions. Before starting development procedure, we will cover basic details of payroll Schema and payroll functions.  

Payroll Function and Schema:  

Payroll function and Schema plays very important roles in SAP HCM payroll run. Functions are used to calculate different amounts on the basis of Infotype values, wage type values etc. SAP provides many standard functions to calculate the amount for payroll run.  

Now let’s have a small description of Schema. Schema is just a collection of payroll functions executed in specific order. You can create Schema using transaction code PE01. SAP Payroll driver reads the schema and execute the embedded payroll functions.  

Let create payroll function.  

Execute transaction code PE04. Pass Custom function name and press Create.


Now click on Green Tick in pop up box.  

Now pass the function description. There is option available to create function to corresponding to any countries. Select Other Countries.


Next click on Input parameters.  

Click here to continue....

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