Display Photo of any employee in PA30

By Saikumar Bonakurthi, HCL Technologies

To display photo of any employee in PA30/PA20/PA10 , we need to modify header .

To modify header go to SM30 table name T588J.

  Make a entry in the table  06 2 70 0000 PERNR PIC

 To know the header modifyer no we have to check in PA30 and selecting one header filed of tech settings , we can see a program name is /1PAPAXX/HDR_80006A.

so here 06 is your header modifier. so for 06 u need to make entries in the table.

T.Code : OAAD

To upload photo into R/3 select the button “Store and Assign”

Enter Business object “PREL” and Document Type “HRICOLOFOTO” and create

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