Profile Match Up tool

By Sravanthi

Profile match up tool is a tool which can be used to match the profiles of different objects which could be used for further decision making. To execute to this profile match up tool certain components must be in place.  

A comparison of the position's requirements Vs the person's qualifications.  


Qualification Catalog: It denotes the complete list of Qualifications and it is combination of all Qualification Group.  

Qualification Group: It denotes an independent category of Qualifications. These can be various Qualification Groups created as per requirement. The group of Qualification groups would constitute a Qualification Catalog. A Qualification group might have a sub Qualification Group if needed.  

Qualification: It denotes the smallest element in the hierarchy it is the element which is assigned to a person or a position. The number of Qualifications to be created would dependent on requirements. The respective Qualification must be created under the corresponding Qualification Group.  

A Proficiency Scale must be assigned to Qualification Group which would get inherited to all Qualifications created under the respective Qualification Group.  

Below are the configuration settings for the Qualification Catalog.  

SPROàSAP Reference IMGàPersonnel ManagementàPersonnel DevelopmentàMaster DataàEdit Qualifications Catalog.  


Click on Catalog à Create.  

Give the Scale: 5 point Scale.  

Click SAVE and press enter.  

Click on SAP Catalog à Create.  


Click on Qualification group.  



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