Employee To Vendor Conversion in SAP


Step 3

Go to Transaction SM35

·         Select the batch input given in transaction PRAA.

·         Click on Process

Select Processing Mode as ‘Display errors only’

And Click on Process.

After the completion of batch input, below success message appear.

Vendor has been created for Employee 904.

Step 4

To check the new vendor for this employee:

Go to Transaction SE16

Enter the table name as LFB1

Press F7

Enter employee 718 as shown below:

Click on execute

Vendor No. 137 created for employee 904.


By above mentioned steps, we can create vendor of corresponding employee. Later point of time we can use this vendor for any FI posting.

The above infotypes from HR master data are taken into account for the key date specified & all other required data is taken from a reference vendor that you can specify as a parameter when you start the program.

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