Configuration of SAP HCM Structural Authorizations


Below Window gets displayed

Input the details

Save it.  

Authorization Profile: (Mandatory)

  •  Name of the Authorization Profile which was given earlier  

No: (Optional)

  • Sequential Number  

Plan Version: (Mandatory)

  • ‘Enter the ‘Plan Version’ to which the profile is authorized for the Organization Plan  

Object Type: (Mandatory)

  • Accessible Objects in the mentioned Plan Version  

Object ID: (Optional)

  • Enter an Object ID of the mentioned Object type. So that employee can access the Org Units under that object.
    • When you work with infotype records, this field allows you to use the Fast entry feature. Fast entry enables you to create numerous infotype records without having to exit and re-enter the infotype window.
      • To select the object that the infotype record should belong to, either:
        • Enter the object's eight-digit code
        • Use the matchcode feature to search for the object  

Maintenance (Optional)

  • In Personnel Management, a distinction is made between two types of function code:
  • There are function codes with "maintaining" and others with "non-maintaining" attributes.
  • In table T77FC, "maintaining" function codes are selected by flagging processing type Maintenance.
  • If processing type Maintenance is flagged in table T77PR for a profile, it means that function codes classed as "maintaining" in table T77FC can also be executed for the authorized objects. (Set-up in Customizing via Environment -> User maintenance -> Structural authorization -> Profiles.)  

Evaluation Path (Optional)

  • Enter the Evaluation Path to focus on the objects involved in the relationship of Evaluation Path or can leave it as blank.  

Status Vector (Optional)

  • Use this field to identify the status that a Relationship infotype must have in order for an object to be reported on.
  • 1 active
  • 2 planned
  • 3 submitted
  • 4 approved
  • 5 rejected

§  NOTE:

By Default value 1 (active) is used as the status vector.  

Depth (Optional)

  • Contains a number from “one to six digits” that corresponds with the different levels of an organizational structure (one being the highest level, and all subsequent numbers representing lower levels).
  • The level number determines how much information is SHOWN in an inquiry/report
  • If you do not wish to limit report documentation, leave the field blank  

Sign (Optional)

  • The +/- sign is only used, if structural authorization profiles are to be created that are to process the structure "from top to bottom",


§  An authorization profile should only allow persons within the organizational structure to be accessed.


Period (Optional)

  • Use this field if you want to restrict the authorization according to the validity period of the structure.  




Key date


Current month


Current year






Function Module (Optional)

  • This field allows you to specify a function module to determine the root object of the structural authorization.
  • For more information on function modules, refer to the IMG under Maintain PD Profiles.

Step 2  


Assign Structural Authorization

Transaction Code


Table Name



Select ‘Assign Structural Authorization’


Note:    Never ever delete the standard entry

If you delete the SAP* row, no user can pull the report for any standard org Structure.  

Go to “New Entries” and give below details

Save it in a Customizing Request.

User Name                    : UserName to which we give the authorization

Authorization Profile      : The one which was created in the earlier step

Start Date                     : From which date the user should have an access for the mentioned profile

End Date                      : Till what date the User can have the access for the mentioned profile

Exclusion                      : This field allows to exclude branch structures from structural authorizations  


As per the configured profile, Employee with username “TRAIN_INDIA3” will have access to view “Org Units” only.

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