Converting a Warning message to Error message and vice versa

By PC Teja, Ascent

Consider the following scenario: 

Try creating a Purchase Order with the delivery date in the past (see the screenshot below):


Click on Save. You would get the following warning message:


Since the above is just a warning message, the end user can just press ENTER and save his document. To restrict the end user from doing this, we need to issue an error message instead of a warning message. Following is the procedure to convert this warning message to error message: 

Go to transaction SPRO. 

Click on Purchasing à Purchasing à Environment Data à Define Attributes of System Messages (See the screenshot below) 


Following screen appears:


Click on ‘System messages’. 

Following screen with the list of all System messages appears. 


Now search for the message “Delivery date is in the past”. 


Change W (Warning) to E (Error). 

Save your entries. 

Now run the purchase order transaction again and provide the delivery date somewhere in the past. Click on Save. Following error message appears: 

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