How to create an ECN -  Engineering Change Number and change material using it


Step2: Change the material using an ECN

Go to the transaction code MM02.

Enter the material and the ECN number created in step 1 and select the views as shown in below screenshot.

Now change some fields based on your requirement. In this case, we will change the fields Material Group and then click on SAVE.

The following message will come up after the saving the material.

Step2: Verify the changes using Tcode MM03 & CC03

First verify the changes made using ECN via transaction code MM03.

Enter the material and click on the Environment à Display Changes. It will show the list of all changes made to that material. Following screenshot shows the changes made to the Material MSA-3106. 

Double click on the line and it will show the more details.


At the same time, we can check and found that the material would get added to the ECN under objects and material tab.

In this case, we can see only one material. However, if we use the same ETN to change multiple materials we can see all those materials under “Objects” button using tcode CC03.

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