Automatic batch determination for raw materials/packaging materials/semi finished goods during Process Order Confirmation

By U.Nagarajan, HLL Lifecare Ltd


To determine the Batches automatically based on “FIFO” while doing the 261 movement through Auto goods movement in “COR6N” by using Batch Search Strategy Technique.  

Sequential steps:  

  • Batch search Strategy creation through “COB1” transaction


·         Strategy type:

a.       Order Type/Plant/Material

b.      Order Type/Plant

·         Search strategies ( will be created by MM)

·         Selection criteria ( will be created by MM)

·         Sorting rules ( will be created by MM)  

  •  Creating the Classification view for SFG’s in MM02 transaction

  •  Assigning the batches automatically during Process order creation (COR1) or  in COR6N through auto goods movement


Steps in detail  

I.            Batch search Strategy creation through “COB1” transaction


Strategy Type & Strategies  

SAP Menu Path:  




Logistics Production Shop Floor Control Goods Movements Batch Search Strategy Create





Go to the Transaction “COB1” ,enter the Strategy type:




After entering the strategy type, enter the Order Type , Plant &Material codes: 



Before the Creation of the Batch strategy, the “Selection &Sort sequences columns are in deactivate condition (mentioned in Green colour box)  

Selection Criteria  

After entering the material codes, select all the materials by clicking and then click the selection criteria button  ,

Click “Class” &Select the Required options

And click on button, then the following screen will display with the default selection with the tick mark for the particular material.  


Similarly the selection criteria procedure has to be repeated for all the remaining materials

Sorting Rules

Now select the material by clicking and then click the Sort button  ,  


Select the sort rule  


Click Sort rule & select the required options  


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