Automatic batch determination for raw materials/packaging materials/semi finished goods during Process Order Confirmation


Assign the sorting rule for all the materials, by clicking ,


Click on  button to view the status

Now the selection and sorting view has been updated


Similarly the Sorting rule procedure has to be repeated for all the remaining materials  

The assigned materials can be changed by using T.Code “COB2” and can be viewed through the “ T.Code COB3” by entering the Strategy type  


Classification view creation through “ MM01 ”            


Automatic batch determination based on FIFO during COR6N

Create the Process order using COR1 or by converting the Planned order to Process order. Go To the Transaction “COR6N” , enter the Process order number , Phase , Confirmation type and press the “Goods movement “ button  

Select the line item and Click the   button ,

If any other Batches required, select it and click “Copy” button


After Copying , the Batches are selected on “FIFO” basis as shown below:


Proceed with the confirmation step  


Above mentioned procedures will be applicable for issuing of Raw materials and Packaging materials to the process order’s on “FIFO basis”.

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