Segregation of Valuable Components (ROH’s/VERP’s/SFG’s) for reuse after Process order confirmation & after GR

By U.Nagarajan, HLL Lifecare Ltd


Segregation of valuable components (ROH’s/VERP’s/SFG’s) for reuse (with the same batch number) after Process order Confirmation & after GR against the process order

Procedural steps to be followed:

(1)   Entry of the rejection quantity in the “Scrap” column and the GI and GR to be done as per the procedure during the confirmation in transaction “COR6N”

(2)   GR for the scrap materials to be done in transaction MB1C.

Steps in details:

Step 1:-

Let us consider the following BOM in which the valuable component (I101011007) is in level 3, so that it will recover after the Level 1 GR:

Entry of the rejection quantity in the “Scrap” column after GI and GR done for the process order

261 details:

101 details:

Entry of the rejected quantities mentioned as 10 NO(mentioned in Orange color box ) ,the GI done for 100 NOs(Mentioned in green color Box)&GR 90 Nos  done for the order

Step 2:

GR for the rejected material  

For recovering the component I101011007 10 Nos  , the following steps to be carried out

After confirmation, the stock of the component   is shown as below:

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