Shift Note in SAP


Click the Internal user and click the  button

Click the  button and Select the Person’s user id’s to whom the shift note to be sent and click the  button  

For any attachment to be sent with the “Shift note” , click  and attach the files as follows,

After attaching the required files , Click  button, the following message appears  

 The sent shift note can be viewed through the selected recipient “Business Workplace” as follows:

Click  and then click “Unread Documents”


Shift note details can be viewed by clicking the shift note display


(1)     Shift note change can be done through “SHN2”

(2)     Shift note display can be viewed through “SHN3 or SHN4”

(3)     The shift note can also be created with respect to:

(a)   Process order

(b)   Work centre/Resource

(c)   Material

(d)   Batch

(e)   Process order confirmation  

(4)     While sending the shift note to different recipients, the following selections to be made by optional in the “Recipient” column:

(i)             By  clicking the    option,the document will send to the recipient in an express manner

(ii)            By clicking the  option,the sender gets a Copy of the “Shit note”in his In-box

(iii)               By clicking the  option, the recipient receives the document as a blind copy.

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