Synchronization between Contract and Project

By Edukondalu, IBM India


SD Contracts and Project WBS Elements are independent objects in ECC that are linked via a WBS Element reference (PRPS-PSPNR) number. In native SAP, the WBS Element status can change without any intelligent reference to SD Contract statuses. This status change at WBS Element (Level 2) level needs to be controlled and synced up to Contract status (and vice versa) so that status integrity for Contract and Project WBS Elements is maintained.  

Also most of the Project Systems master data elements will be automatically populated and synchronized based on attributes in related SD Contract line items.  


For professional based projects, a Project / WBS Element structure is linked to a SD Contract. SD Contract document and WBS Element have system statuses that define the tasks that can be done on these documents. Some of these statuses have to be kept in synch to keep the process integrity of the SD Contract and WBS Elements. For example, an SD Contract document can not be closed, if the WBS is still in ‘Released’ status. Native SAP does not provide a control of status from SD Contract to WBS and vice-versa  

Native Project System does not have the functionality to maintain / sync-up SD Contract and WBS Element statuses and field attributes. This has been identified also as GAP (refer GAP_OTC_PR-076) and would require development effort to meet the above requirements.  

If the above enhancement is not developed, then the contract and WBS statuses and field information can get out of sync, causing a loss of data capture integrity. For example, if contract is completely closed, but WBS Element status allows cost capture for that contract, can cause costs not reported for the contract. Also change of Project Manager / Engagement Manager Information from SD Contracts not in synch with Person Responsible information on Project / WBS Elements.  

The synchronization of System and User Statuses between SD Contract Line Items and Project WBS Elements for Custom Contracts will span from “REL (i.e. Released)” to “FNBL (Final Billing)” status of SD Contract Line Items. The setting of system status to “TECO (Technically Completed)” or “CLSD (Closed)” will be carried out by either another program or manually done by end user. The synchronization of field information between SD Contract Line Items and Project WBS Elements will be continued till WBS Element has “CLSD (Closed)” system status.  

The synchronization process will update field and system & user status information on Project Definition, WBS Element Level 1 and WBS Element Level 2. For WBS Elements Level 3 and below, the status and other information will be manually updated by Project Managers. During the synchronization process, the information will flow from SD Contract / Contract Line Items to Project Definition / WBS Elements. The reverse scenario is not applicable.  

There are two parts in this development, 1st part comprising the synchronization of data between Contract and the level2 WBS that has been attached.  

Please click here for the sample code.  

Data Synchronization between the Contract and Project: 

The Following BAPI    BAPI_PROJECT_MAINTAIN is very useful for synchronizing the data between the Project and the Level2 WBS Element.  

The Following Example Demonstrates How Data Synchronization Takes place between Contract and Project:  

The Below Screen Shot Shows the Contract Line Item Details:  

The Level2 WBS Attached to it is C.00965.001.002 and The Start and End dated of the Line Item are 06/29/ 2010 and 07/05/2010  


The Following Screen Shot Shows The responsible that has been given at the Contract Line Item:

The Employee responsible given is 106(Peck Troy) which needs to be Synchronized with the WBS attached


The Status of the Level2 WBS before Synchronization is  


See below, there are No dates Before Synchronization:  


The Following are the results after Synchronization Process:  


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