Letter of credit process in Export

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Financial document should be generated for attaching the Letter of Credit (LC) with the sales order. This creates a document in Finance but does not do any postings in the ledger. This is purely used for the purpose of tracking and monitoring the letter of credit and does not affect the payments / collections.  This is attached to the sales order to ensure that the sales order value does not go above the LC value.

Before doing the Letter of credit, Maintain the Customer payment guarantee procedure in Customer Master Data (XD02) as 0001 and Terms of Payment.

And material should be without MRP View.

Then go for the easy access

Transaction Code: VX11N

Easy access Path: SAP Easy access >> Logistics >> Sales and Distribution >> Foreign Trade/ Customs >> Payment guarantee >> Documentary Payment >> Financial Document >> Create. 

Start the transaction using the menu path or t- code

Click on     And then you will be getting this screen

Maintain the fields as:

1.       Financial document category: U Irrevocable Confirmed

2.       Financial document type: 01

3.       Company Code: 1000

Press 'Enter' Or Click on   to create Financial document

You will be getting this screen

Click here to continue...

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