Material listing and exclusion in SAP SD

By Rajeshwar Rao Gadiraju, Yash Technologies

Material listing and exclusion lets you control which materials specific customers may or may not buy. For example, if you create a material listing for a specific customer, the customer can only order products from that list. You can also create a master record for material exclusion for a particular customer. Then the customer can not order excluded materials from you.

SAP provides standard Procedures for Listing and Exclusion.

A00001     Listing          B00001      Exclusion

Tables containing fields are assigned to Access Sequence, Access sequence are assigned to condition type and condition types are assigned to Procedures and these procedures are assigned to order type.

IMG à sales and distribution à Basic Functions à Listing / Exclusion

à      Procedures for maintaining listing / Exclusion.

These are the standard Procedures.

Here we will copy the standard procedures.

Select A00001 and click on copy, name it as ZA0001 

Press enter and click on copy all  

Press enter 

Listing Procedure ZA0001 is created.

Click on save and create a new transport request

Similarly copy B00001 to ZB0001.

Press enter and click on copy all.

Press enter.

Click on save

New exclusion Procedure ZB0001 is created 

These Exclusive and Listing procedures has to be assigned to order type.

Select your procedure and click on control data

Standard condition type A001 is assigned to Listing procedure  

Similarly Standard condition type B001 is assigned to Exclusive Procedure

Come back and click on Maintain Listing / exclusion types

Access sequence A001 and B001 are assigned to condition type A001 and B001.

Come back and click on

Click here to continue....

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