Minimum Price check in Sale order


You can modify this as per your own requirement. I have excluded my user SD-02 from this check and also If there is ZMON condition in sale order line item system will not run this bottom price check because ZMON condition is exclusively for discounts below bottom price.  

3.  Assign this routine to your manual discount condition types and ZBAS condition in pricing procedure in field Calculation type.

4.  Add field VBAP-CEPOK in your sale order line item incompletion log and assign to your order types in Incompletion log node in IMG.

5. Now maintain prices as 100 invoice PR00 90 bottom ZBAS and enter discount 11 and system will put this order incomplete. Users would not be able to process order until some authorized person corrects its pricing.

6. This field CEPOK works only in sales order. If you want restrict users to enter manual discounts during creating billing in VF01 you can control this with SHD0. Condition fields can be put in display mode with SHD0 in VF01.

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